She was a little lazy so she used a cleanser & toner in one…..

A’kin : cleanser and toner in one

So, this A’kin cleanser and toner is an all in one little number, you can find it over at MyPure. At £17.99 it is expensive, but if you were buying a cleanser and toner separately, then it may come to around this price. A tiny bit goes a very long way, so I am sure this is going to last me a long time ! Would i say try it out ?! Hell yes, I am really happy with this and so is my skin…so thats two of us who say go for it…!
 I am really enjoying using this because I always manage to forget which way round you cleanse and tone, so this makes it easy to do it all at once and also stops me from being lazy and not doing it at all ! This is a rose and geranium cleanser/toner, so as I am sure you can imagine it smells lovely!
I have had no irritation from this at all, I usually get sore eyes or sometimes my skin can become very dry after using a cleanser and/or toner, but A’kin has been doing a really good job. 
Check out the ingredients list, there is lots of lovely things which are used to make this.