A little help from the Dr…

 I can appreciate all kinds of music. In the morning I find myself getting reading to catchy 50’s and 60’s tunes, on the way to work I have my iPod on shuffle and tend to skip to any upbeat and lively song that comes my way ( lots of motivation for the day ), during work I can be found listening to flows via Mflow and then we have what I listen to at the gym and well…that is a totally different level. 
What I am trying to get at is this, I would like to get myself some Beats by Dre headphones, I think it is time to upgrade from my iPod headphones and what better way to do it than with a little help from form the Dr.

If I was not so worried about a pair of the white Solo HD headphones being stolen from my head whilst floating through the middle of Manchester listening to Morrissey, then I would for sure be going for them. Or even the red ones, but that would just crank up the worry a few more notches.

So that rules out this very cool selection below. 
Fragile dj looks pretty badass with his Beats By Dre, it was as soon as I spotted him in them that I knew for sure I needed some. All the positive love he has given them via twitter has helped too. 

Maybe im not a DJ, but I still think I need a pair of these bad boys, so I am exploring the other options of the in-ear variety. However, another issue comes about, in-ear headphones always seem to break after a bit when I use them. It must be a common thing because you can buy insurance for your iPod ears and if they break in a year (which they always do ) then you just bob into the shop and pick up another pair.

Has anyone got any of the ibeats or tour headphones, I would really like to find out what you think of them.  
Maybe I am being sucked into all this by the marketing, but I think some badass Beats By Dre  would go quite delightfully with my hair bows and floral dresses.