Eurocultured Manchester

Eurocultured is a two day festival in Manchester celebrating a mix of European culture in the many forms that it comes in. I went on the Sunday with L and G, it was £10.00 on the door to get it if we had managed to see more than one band and had not lost L it would have been well worth it. However, we did only see one band and lost L pretty much as soon as it started. The band we watched were Balkan Beat Box and they were really good, so actually, yeah the £10.00 we paid to get onto the street and into the bars and to see a well good band ( bit of Manc speak coming out there ) was perfect! 
Have any of you been before ?! It is a fab little festival for two days and you can see lots of bands, dj’s and art ! What more could you want ! 

Balkan Beat Box


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