Health food junkies..

five a day
I have just been watching Health Food Junkies on 4oD РWatch it here  ! It is about people who eat only raw food, no dairy, no wheat and no cooked food at all. Why do they do this, because they believe that cooking your food gets rid of all the good bits and only raw food is the way you can get everything your body needs form it. The people in the programme are 100% devoted to what they do, they are called raw foodists and you can find out some more info here.

I am not sure if I could make such a big change in my life, for a start I would miss coffee. I think that people who can are fantastic and I also believe that once you make that step to changing the rest will come naturally and you wouldn’t miss what we class as ‘normal’ food.

Do you think you could make such a big lifestyle change?
Would you want to?