Lovea Sun Cream Review

I took a bottle of this beautiful stuff to Cannes. I ended up sharing it between 3 of us and yet there’s still lots left. Clearly I need another holiday to use it all up.

I’m delighted to say that I had no irritation from this sun cream. It was lovely to apply to the skin and dried very quickly. There were no white leftover marks to be seen. The texture of the cream was very soft and almost felt a little powdery once it’d been applied. I’m not sure that’s the best explanation but it really was silky soft.

This sun cream has a lovely scent to it. After applying it each morning it left me smelling of fresh limes.

Lovea Organic Sunscreen costs £12.99 and I’ll be repurchasing it again.
I don’t always buy after sun, but I am really glad I had a go with the Lovea Organic After Sun. I used this each day my skin had been exposed to the sun. It was lovely and hydrating for my stupidly dry skin. You only need a little of the product and it goes a long way. Lovea Organic after sun is £8.99 and I’ll be repurchasing it again.The only sad part to this story is that a near enough full bottle of after sun opened up in my suitcase, went over my clothes and is of course almost empty now.