Orange baby

As the sun set last night it cast the most delightful patterns on the blinds in my flat, it made my room look a little pretty for a moment. I found myself craving bright orange items and searched through the clothes I have here, no luck on the orange front. However whilst dashing through Primark, somewhere I don’t tend to buy clothes from because of the obvious quality reason, I did spot some awesome bright coloured shirts which would look fab with skirts ! There was an orange one which I may, maybe, most likely will pop back to get. It would need changing a little, I am thinking navy blue buttons !

A quick look on ASOS and I found a pretty dress I would like, cheap and cheerful for summer. 
£25.00 : ASOS
£16.00 : Topshop 
This would be handy for the evening, black dress ( standard for when you don’t know what to wear ) and through this over you to keep your shoulders a little warm. Not that I will be going out all that much, things are a little low on the cash money front ! 
Hell yes, I am well up for a bit of orange in my daily outfits, it is such a strong and feel good colour. I have been wearing lots of colourful clothes over the past month or so. I moved my more dark and dull shades of clothing into a suitcase, so I have been forced to get colour into my life. If you find you don’t wear much colour then I seriously think you should do the same as I did, it makes you feel well summerish ! 
How is everyone ?