Chanel in red please…

I like that Chanel Rebelle can be built up or down depending on the occasion you are wearing it in. I got this lipstick before I went to Cannes and haven’t worn it since I got back, but since finding it in one of the pockets of my bag I have not taken it off. 
A lipstick like this can be applied in the morning and still leave a tint of red by the end of the day, if you are lazy like me that is. I spent quite some time looking for for the perfect shade of red, why I didn’t start with Chanel I don’t know.
This has been applied with one quick swipe, I usually put it on a little thicker than this, to give it much more of a ‘hello red lips‘ look. 
I really like that this lipstick is really moisturising, I don’t even need to apply lip balm throughout the day when I use this.