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The Consequences of Love

Screenshots by me.
This is one of my favourite scenes from The Consequences of Love, I can relate to each and every word you can see in the frames above.

A PrettyGreenTea film review
Film: The Consequences of Love
Country: Italy
Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Shot by:  Luca Bigazzi
The Consequences of Love is a psychological film, the main character, Titta, is a shy business man who lives in a hotel. He keeps himself to himself and holds many secrets which you figure out during the film. One secret he has is that he takes heroin every Wednesday, something that would not be expected of Titta. We all have things people don’t know about us. The film slowly tells us why Titta has such an unusual existence, why he lives in a hotel away from his family and why he is a recluse.

Titta falls in love, this is where it all becomes a little awkward, not only because of his shy nature but also because of his ‘work’. Titto has a friend named Dino, a childhood friend who now works as an electrician in the most dangerous areas. We are given a strange sense whenever Titto mentions Dino, does he wish he was Dino, does he envy the life Dino leads or maybe there is something a little more deep. 

I found it very hard to not give too much away to you here, I haven’t done many film reviews, but maybe there will be more, if you liked this one. I think you should all watch this film, more than once as well, you will pick up things you missed the first time and fall in love with it a little more each time. 

I enjoy analysing the characters in this film, the film almost does not need words, the cinematography captures each frame so well. Every frame is so simple yet so styled. The shots are so intriguing and capture each moment so well, Luca Bigazzi did a wondrous job and I will be searching out more of his work.