My July

It feels like only a week ago I was saying ” No way is it July already ” and now it is August, almost anyway. I hope everyone has had a good month and is ready for August. Here is a list of blogs and websites I liked in July and also some thoughts for August. There will be a few photos from July too.

You may have noticed that on the left side of my blog I have had a list of blogs throughout July which I have been adding any blog which has stood out to me. Each month the list will be cleared and I will add any blog I am really enjoying as the month goes by. At the end of the month I will do a little feature showing you all who my favourite blogs were for that month.

 My favourite blogs for July:

Dulce Candy – BlogYoutube 

A Fine Day For Sailing – Blog

Frassy – Blog

Daisy Chain – Blog 

Delightfully Tacky – Blog

Niotillfem – Blog

C’est la xavie – Blog

The Clothes Horse – Blog


I go bookmark crazy when I am researching and stepping my way around the internet, everything is orangised into special folders | Fashion | Photography | Jobs | Marketing methods | Blogs | Articles .. you get picture. 
Interesting websites for July: 
Fro Knows Photo – For lots of photo tips and tricks –  WebsiteYoutube

The Oatmeal – Comics, quizzes and stories – Website 


I like to make a list of things that I am hoping to do each day/week and month. I thought I would share some of the things on my blog. 
Plans for August: 

The Beach huts - Southwold

Towards the end of the month I will be moving to the seaside. 

I want to focus on applying for three jobs a week. 
I will be putting more effort into looking for internships.
I want to find a few courses for September in things I haven’t thought of doing before.
I would also like to spend more time experimenting with make-up.


Colour for the month was: Orange and Yellow .. both for nails and clothes.


What do you have planned for August ?
What have been your fave blogs of July ?