Shall we jump on the next flight to China..


I got back late from the gym tonight, so my evening has just been about application forms, tea and red bean treats. These yummy Chinese sweets contain red bean paste, it is one of my favourite sweets to have and what makes these ones even better is that my friend V gave them to me. Her grandma had made them and put a few of these plus some other goodies (which I will show you soon) into a box for me.

Has anyone else ever had any sweets with red bean in ? The first time I had it was when I was very young, my auntie came back from Japan with blocks of it, I thought it was one of the most lovely tastes I had experienced. It then took a few years for me to find anything with red bean in again. I went to London looking at universities and we passed through China town, as you do. It was there that I spotted red bean pancakes in the window.  I now usually buy my sweets from Ho’s Bakery or Wong Wong Bakery  in Manchester, if you are knocking about then you must go and try a red bean pancake or swirl. 

It is a shame you can’t buy the ones my friends grandma made, they are the best I have tasted.