The Manoush look…

I last wrote about my love for Manoush back in 2009, we have some how made our way to 2011 and of course I still adore their collections. The gypsy theme, hair brais and lots of bows is right up my street for this summer. I have picked my three favourite looks from the very pretty Manoush website, as you can see, I prefer less of the over the top ‘gypsy like’ patterns.
I really like the shape of this black skirt, I like clothes which can be kept casual but also dressed up to go out in the evening or even for work. 
This 60’s dress with a splash of floral is perfect for what we have left of the summer. Pop your hair in pretty braids and then team it with a chunky wedge just in case it all gets a bit too girly.

Finally here is a pretty little floral print dress, it has a 60’s shape to it and that is the best shape for a dress if you ask me. I must point out the short sleeves, this is always a bonus to keep shoulders warm without having to add a cardigan to the mix. 

You can also find Manoush over at Asos