Apples and bows..

I got a few little bits in the Oasis sale the other day. Oasis is a shop I don’t usually go into, I find that their clothes are for the taller girl in life and I am not one of them. When I was in Norwich the other day I was just browsing the sales, something else I don’t usually do and decided to make a point of going into shops which I usually avoid. I got a few more bits than what I am showing you here, but it is all jewellery / accessory based. I got these simple hair slides and some pretty studs. I haven’t worn studs or hair slides in quite some times, wow everything is new and fresh for me. I think that this is all because I am heading to a new town and very excited to explore, adventure and focus on my career. Everything is fresh, I am enjoying change and embracing new things. 
Be positive everyone and embrace life. Yes, I did just go from hair clips and ear studs straight to a positive, embracing life ramble.