Asda Dry Skin Cream

My mum gave me a pot of ASDA dry skin cream to use, she said it the best cream to use before going swimming and after the shower. She is right, it really is fab and very handy to just keep in your gym bag or handbag so you can pop a bit on if your skin is feeling dry. I seem to be waking up each morning with very dry skin, I am unsure if it is because it is very cold or sometimes very hot, silly English weather. I also think it may be because I had a bit of cheese by mistake the other day.
I went through a pot of this in about a week, but as it is so cheap it really doesn’t matter and I will be sure to be buying another pot when I go to ASDA next. I was using this cream after I went in the shower, in the morning and also just as a hand cream through the day. I was using it alongside my favourite A’kin cream, as this one is a little more expensive I put it on just before I get dressed and before bed but with the cheaper one I use it throughout the day. I can also use the ASDA cream on broken skin, but with the A’kin cream I don’t use it on broken skin. I don’t know about anyone else but sometimes my skin can be so dry that I must use cream several times a day. I have said it before but I do find myself switching between body creams / hand creams / face creams quite often. I find that using one cream for a long period of time means your skin will become immune to the benefit is usually gives, so be careful. 
I thought I should keep you fellow dry skin friends updated with the other products I am finding good at the moment. I am using Hemp hand cream right now, it is really good for keeping dry hands on the low and I always recommend this hand cream for winter time. 
Asda dry skin cream 
Price: £2.00 or maybe less, I will check and edit this.
Will I buy this again: Yes, very cheap and handy to use all the time.