“Being a young woman, I wanna set the example that it’s possible..

..for us to own our own businesses and own our own record labels and sometimes we don’t reach for the stars. Sometimes we are satisfied with what people tell us we’re supposed to be satisfied with and I’m just not going for it.”
Quote from Year of 4 Documentary.
I really enjoyed watching Year of 4 a month or so back, it is full of inspiration and a sneaky look into the life of Beyonce, how hard she has worked and how she is decided to take a little time off. Visiting so many countries to perform does not mean that she has had the time to see what is around her, she is a workaholic after all. For me, I believe that is why she has been successful. 
Yes, I know we could start getting into the whole illuminati thing (I mean when does the illuminati not crop up when one mentions Beyonce or JayZ) but lets not. Let’s enjoy an inspirational video from a very powerful and inspiring woman. She has had different experiences to many of us ( I have no interest to jump on stage and dance and sing, I simply would fail/fall) but her words and inspiration and motivation can be applied to any line of life. No matter what your goals are you can take a little something away from this video, I actually believe that there is inspiration all around us and in so many different forms. 
I have been sharing lots of articles and videos which I have been watching over the past week. I hope some of you have found them interesting and I would love you to link me to anything you find inspiring and motivational. It can be anything, I will then share your ideas and links with the rest of my blog and link back to your blogs. I would be so happy to read and watch anything you lovely people share with me. 
Oh and I don’t really pay much attention to gossip magazines or celebrity websites, but even I am in the knowledge that Beyonce is pregnant. I have a little feeling that this is going to be the part where Beyonce becomes even more of an inspiration to women all over the world and focuses more on spreading the love of inspiration. 

Good luck B and JayZ and I hope all goes well with the pregnancy.