Fresh from the garden..

It can be easy to eat healthy without it being boring. The cheese didn’t do my skin too much good when I had this, so I will be finding something to replace the cheese with. But for those of you whose skin doesn’t go crazy when you have cheese then all is good and this is one tasty lunch or a snack to share with friends. I believe that making a plate of food look as pretty as you can will help with the excitement of eating it, so don’t be scared of trying to eat more healthy as it can be a fun challenge. 
The leaves and tomatoes were taken from my friends garden, how delightful to have fresh salad ready to eat at your doorstep. When I move I want to start growing some fruit and vegetables, the idea of walking into the garden and picking fresh lettuce or tomatoes is just something that I can imagine is quite satisfying. I also want to make some things from my Grown Your Own Drugs book, you can find things around the garden to make things to help with hay fever, eczema and lots more organic remedies.