Lash Accelerator Review


The first few times I used this I found it way to clumpy, but I have started to use it again and am now quite happy with it. I only use a very thing layer over my lashes once, any more than this then the clumpy situation comes about again. I think for someone whit very thin lashes or maybe even short then this would be perfect and you would be likely to use a full thick coat. I am happy with the thickness of my lashes so I don’t really need to use this to its full potential. I am really happy with the results now that I am using it in the best way for me. It makes my lashes longer and more noticeable to others, it is a perfect dark dark black shade.

I am unsure if I will buy this again, I am going to have to keep using it for a while and see how I feel about it. As it stands I will be looking to try another mascara or go back to my Living nature mascara. I will keep using this one for the rest of the week, I promise ! I can then get back to you on Sunday and let you know what I am thinking then. I like to make sure I give a product a fair try and I purchased this one the other week in Boots as a random purchase when I got some brushes. I was running low on my Living Nature mascara and wanted to try something new. The Living Nature mascara is fab for when it is warm as it does not make your eye lashes too hard and is a light mascara. Oh, I may go back to my old fave and try out a new Lancome one or the new No7 mascara, has anyone used that yet ?!

Price: About £5 or £6 when I got it the other week.
Prettygreentea score: 5/10 – Maybe not the best mascara for my lashes but good if you have short/thin lashes.