Let your skin sleep well with Comvita night cream

As you know by now, I review a product from Mypure each month. The reason I decided to take part in this was to give those of you out their with sensitive skin the opportunity to find out about products which may actually be good for your skin before you buy them. There has been so many ‘fantastic’ products that have worked for others but have sent my skin crazy over the years, so when I found out about the organic products from Mypure I knew i had to try them. I hope that my reviews on products from Mypure have given you some help in different ways of looking after your skin, the chemicals you should avoid and maybe even made you go and check out Mypure and try some of the products I have reviewed and have been happy with them. Let me know if you would like me to do a post about my favourite products I have tried from the ranges at Mypure and maybe even the products which haven’t been as good for my skin.


My usual night cream is Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, which I mentioned here and have been using for over a year now. I decided to try out a new night cream as I always like to be open to new products and my skin has been quite bad lately, due to the humidity and maybe because I had a little cheese. Yes, cheese irritates my eczema.. if you have eczema and try cutting out cheese/dairy you may find out it really helps.

I picked Comvita Replenishing Night Moisturiser as it contains Manuka Honey, if you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know I am a big fan of Manuka Honey. The Comvita night cream is lovely and thick and immediately gives my skin lots of moisture and stops it from feeling dry. As my skin has been worse than usual I have been using this some mornings because it is so thick, it means I have to wait a little longer before I put my make-up on, but that’s ok. The Comvita night cream is a similar price to the Advanced Night Repair, they are both very different in texture, the Advanced Night Repair is more of a gel and the Comvita is a cream.

What they say :  Keratin protein promotes skin firmness and tone, while extract of Myrrh plumps the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Extract from the leaves of the Manuka plant itself soothe your skin as it is restored overnight to its natural beauty.

I am not sure what I make of anti-ageing products, I haven’t really looked into them or given them much thought. I do believe that Manuka Honey is very good for making colds go away, healing skin and it could be very likely that it helps with the ageing process. I think that it could help as it has been used throughout history, is still going strong and is natural. 


Where can you buy it: MyPure
Price: £30.00
Value for money: I have a feeling that this will last me 3/4 months, if so then I would say YES.
Will I be buying it again: Yes
Will i change from my usual night cream: There is a possibility I will or I may alternate between the two as I believe that always using one product will mean that your skin will get used to it. To avoid this it is good to alternate between a few really good ones.