Living Nature Illuminating Tint

Hello everyone, are you having a lovely week ?!
My views have gone up a lot over the past two weeks and I have gained some new followers, so hello to all my new readers and a big hello to those of you have been visiting my blog for some time now. 
For the past two months I have been using Living Nature Illuminating tint in Day Glow. I have used a variety of Living nature products before, including hand cream, body wash and make up remover. I have really enjoyed using them as they are very kind to my skin. 
The Illuminating Tint has also been kind to my skin, there is no irritation when I use it, I don’t feel a need to rush and remove my make up when I am home after a day out, which I sometimes have found I get if I use a foundation or tinted moisturiser. 
I have been using this everyday for two months, I only need to use a little as I just pop a bit on my nose, cheekbones and above my eyelid and under my eyes. It highlights each area and gives a warm glow to my skin, I don’t feel the need to apply it again during the day as it lasts such a long time. I think if one was a little more fussy and less lazy about applying make up then you would probably just touch it up a little to give you an extra glow after lunch.
It is a very light texture and glides onto your face very easily, I just use my fingers to apply it but I am actually thinking of investing in some brushes, I just need to work out which would be best to use for this. I am no pro when it comes to brushes. 
I have used Illuminating tint in my everyday, very quick make up routine, and as you can see there is still plenty left. I am still enjoying using it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a super soft foundation to give you an extra glow in the mornings, especially now that we are on the run up to winter. The Living Nature website is actually sold out, but you can buy it over at MyPure
Price: £18.40
Will I buy this again: Yes
Skin irritation: No