Running and a healthy breakfast..

I have finally got back into running after three weeks of leaving my fantastic gym in Manchester. By ‘got back into running’ I mean that I went for a run this morning. It’s a start, I plan to go for another run this evening.¬†As well as running I want to start skipping and go back to yoga.

What exercise do you do ?

After my run I made breakfast. It consisted of kiwi, yogurt, granola and I sprinkled some seeds and a little Manuka honey on top. I also had a huge cup of coffee.

Whilst having breakfast I made sure I was being productive and read quite a few articles, I will share a few I think you may like.

Why Marc Jacobs is the worlds most influential designer.

Kate Spade to launch in London.

Street “ART”.

Universities enrol for a marketing masterclass.