The brogue AW11

Another update on my plans for AW11. I have a pair of brogues from Topshop which I got in the sale quite some months back. These pretty shoes have been waiting for their change to shine. I think it will be soon as summer coming to an end in the UK and autumn/fall is approaching. I like calling it fall actually, I can’t explain why. I expect it is because I am so used to calling it autumn and change is always good. I read many american blogs and find myself reading about “fall” quite often and sometimes it slips into my daily vocabulary. I don’t think many people have picked up on it, though if I said it when I am with friends who have no interest in fashion and only think that once it gets to September it means you must not forget your umbrella, then I am sure they would have something to say, actually they would just mock me. So, do you ever slip up and say Fall ? Do you like how it sounds ? Do some of you sometimes say Autumn ? Oh my, so many questions. It is good to mix things up a bit and let autumn and fall both get their time to shine. 
Back to Brogues ? I think so yes. I made this list ( and many more ) over at Fashiolista. I would like to invest in some more brogues (once I get a job from all these application forms I am filling in) and they must be two toned. The ones I have are a lovely rich brown shade, I would really like some black and white ones actually. 
I know this is the third list of my AW11 inspiration but I must say that I really am quite taken to Fashiolista and find it very easy to share with you. I usually am a little old fashioned and make scrapbooks about my plans for what I will be wearing next. I still do it so maybe I should share these on Prettygreentea as well. 
Enjoy the bank holiday Monday, I will be catching up with my favourite blogs later on today and checking back at all you lovely people who have been commenting on my blog. I really am thankful to those of you who comment, it is nice to have other blogs to go and look and most of the time fall in love with and click the follow button via Bloglovin.