Things to do on a sunny Sunday

Be productive and embrace the sunshine.

Today I spent some time cutting up a bunch of old food magazines, you can see this one is from 2006, there is no need for it to be kept so long. So I went through the magazine and cut out the recipes i would one day like to make. This way I can save on space and not have 100’s of food magazines as well as fashion magazines knocking about the house.

I made my mum a recipe book a few years back, there was room left over for her to add and stick in lots more. So once I had saved a few from the magazines I stuck them into the book I had made for her ( via a notebook from Paperchase) and we had a look through to pick some things out to make tomorrow. 
After a productive morning cutting down on magazine and adding to the recipe book I decided to help around the garden. The sun was shining and I also have these fantastic gardening gloves which were sent to me by Nature Valley, I decided to put them to good use and give my mum and dad a little hand with making the garden look pretty. 
I enjoyed spending time outside doing something I don’t usually do, it made a nice change despite having to dodge all the ladybirds again. I then went for a lovely walk with my mum, dad and sister down by the sea. We had a sneaky ice cream, which must be forgive as our walk was very long. 
What did you all do on this lovely Sunday ?!