Tommy Hilfiger

I like it when clothing brands do a short film to showcase their clothes, it has to be quick, snappy and of course very pretty. A short film can give the clothes you are considering a bit of life, ideas for how to wear them and of course from a marketing perspective they can make people buy into a lifestyle and not just a pair of trousers. Around the time that Autumn is approaching I always get a little Tommy Hilfiger feeling, the classic shades and prints they use make me feel most cosy and ready for Autumn.

It may not be the first place I go to when buying my clothes these days, but it gives me lots of inspiration and helps me to focus on my two favourite colours for autumn (because they come about each year), red and navy blue. I buy key pieces in navy blue and red because I know for sure they will go down a treat during Autumn. It will be the same this year, I will stick to navy and red and then have splashes of rust orange, purple and pink. 

I think the reason I am still on the mailing list and still go to check out their looks each year is because I used to go there a lot when I was younger, the Manchester store did fab sales. So maybe this takes me back a good few years to my GCSE and A level days and it reminds me that I still have items of clothes from Tommy Hilfger which are of good quality five years on. The items which have lasted me for five years can be remixed and look good each year without fail. My clothes from some high street retailers however would not last longer than one winter, though maybe I wouldn’t want them to. I like to spend a little extra (when I can) on key pieces which will last me a long time and then buy fun, changeable items which I may use for one winter and then take to the charity shop.
When you have a little extra money do you spend it on a classic key item or would you rather treat yourself to the fund trend at the moment?
Head over here to check out the Hilfiger video, it may be a little preppy but it will give you a good fix of navy blue and Autumn fun.