Alva Naturkosmetik

I would much rather have a shower than a bath, but once in a while I will find a product that really makes me want to spend some time in the bath with a good book and see how the product benefits my skin. I am sure you know very well by now that I am careful with what I use on my skin, when I was little I was never allowed to use the fun bubble baths which were in the shops, especially Matey and oh how I always wanted a bottle of Matey ! I was given some bubble bath for part of a birthday gift once, used it and my skin went read and sore for days, so it seemed my parents were right, there really was a good reason I was not to use bubble bath. I would still be well up for trying Matey though, bad skin or not.. well kind of !

I soon realised there were alternatives which would benefit my skin as opposed to ruin it, I have used certain bath bombs from Lush which have been fine and caused no irritation and have recently been using dead sea bath salts by Alva. I have used dead sea based products before, a few years ago but the name escapes me. When I spotted the dead sea bath salts on Mypure I knew I had to try them out because my last experience with a similar product went well and it says that the bath salts are very good for eczema.

Price: £5.15 for 500g
Value for money: Fantastic, I used half of the bag in one bath due to my eczema but you may only need 1/4 if your skin is ok.
Will I buy it again: Yes, but it wont be a regular purchase as I prefer showers to baths. This is something I would buy for my mum as a gift.

What they say : “Salt from the Dead Sea contains more calcium and magnesium salts than normal sea salt. These minerals have a calming effect on the skin and encourage cell renewal. They are effective in retaining the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Add a handful to your bath for a body boosting mineral bath.”

The only let down is the packaging, it needs to be in a container and not a bag, something which you can store the half you don’t use in till next time. I only used half of the bag at once and still have the other half awkwardly in the bag waiting to be used. Maybe if the larger size came with a nice box then you could keep that and just buy refills. 


Have any of you ever used the Alva dead sea bath salts?