My August..

My August:
Last month I told you about the section within the left hand column of my blog where I will be adding blogs that I am really enjoying during the month. Here is my list of blogs from August;
For me August involved moving from Manchester to a tiny seaside town in the south of Engalnd, I feel really content now I am here and happy to be starting a new chapter of life. I still have many connections in Manchester and enjoyed living in the city but I am very glad to have moved on, I think it is good to have change in your life. It opens up the door to many more opportunities and experiences.I have already had several freelance opportunities since moving here which is fantastic, I am really enjoying getting some more experience and bits of work here and there. I will be continuing to apply for jobs, working on some exciting projects and keeping Prettygreentea full of inspiration during September.

I have also been sharing lots more of my fashion inspiration on the blog this month, it is something I enjoy doing and will continue to do during September. Autumn is on it’s way and I am pretty sure I shall be ready this year.

A big thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog for some time now and hello to all lovely new readers and to those of you who pop by now and then. I hope everyone has had a nice August and is ready to start September with lots of motivation and inspiration. I am also very glad someone else finds what I write and share on Prettygreentea interesting and hopefully motivating towards their own life.

A few photos from August which I don’t think have been on Prettygreentea…till now. 

The Red Lion Inn Southwold

Ben Shaws Dandelion & Berdock