My day : Fashion and inspiration

It has been very sunny here today, you wouldn’t have thought we were heading towards the end of September. I have enjoyed sitting outside all day doing my tasks that needed to be done and making the most of this lovely sunshine. I walked down to the sea for a break which was lovely and I am now back prepping for an interview I have next week. I am sharing a few photos with you form today and yesterday and as I am sure you can tell I have been playing around with my fish eye lens. I haven’t spent much time with my fish eye lens so it has been really enjoyable getting used to using again whilst on a break for doing work.

It is delightfully relaxing here and I have enjoyed living with my family again. The past year in Manchester was fantastic but this new chapter has really done me lots of good, I am feeling really positive and have so much inspiration around me. I didn’t feel uninspired in Manchester but I do think I was treading water in some aspects and then in other aspects I met some very inspiring people within the last year, I learnt lots of new skills and have made some very good friends who I miss dearly. This does not mean I wish I was still there though, as I keep saying, this move has done me the world of good and I hope¬†that my hard work and many application forms I have been doing will pay off soon and I shall be living in the fantastic city of London.

Good luck to all of you who are in the same situation as me, job searching is very hard at the moment but as long as you keep at it and put all your effort then in the long run it will be worth it. Don’t be scared of change and don’t let anyone hold you back…ever !


Now for a little fashion…

I made this neon based set a while back on Polyvore, with this last bit of sunshine we have been getting here I have been embracing a little neon and thought I would share this set with you. I am not a huge fan of having neon heavily in an outfit, I think if I lived somewhere such as Miami I would be more inclined to go a little neon crazy. I like my neon subtle and to stand out against everything else I am wearing, so neon nail varnish is the best answer I have. You can pop over to my Polyvore page to see where everything is from and I would like to know how you have been wearing neon this summer. 

This post was a mix of inspiration, motivation, fashion and my day. I hope you have enjoyed it and do make sure you let me know what you are doing this weekend.