Pout Paint fun.

Pount paint
I finally got round to mixing up with the Pount Paints from Sleek. I got three from Superdrug when they were on offer over a month back and am really glad I did. Once you spend a bit of time mixing the colours, adding glitter and even some lip gloss (maybe that was just) then you find that it really is lots of fun and means you can make the perfect shade you want and play around and till it’s just what you are looking for. You must be creative with the Sleek Pout paints, there is not point otherwise. 
I used an egg cup to mix the Pout paint together and then applied it with a lip brush. I don’t have a very steady hand but once I got the texture of my mixture right I found it easier and of course the more you practice the better you will get. 
Try adding glitter, lip gloss, lip balm or even the end of an old lipstick. This way you can change the texture to the way you like it, you can alter the shade and spice things up with a bit of glitter. Have you tried using the Pout Paint from Sleek ?
 It really is worth spending some time getting used to using them.