Red Riding Hood..

I am on the hunt for the best cape in town, towards the end of winter last year I found one I liked in American Apparel. I didn’t buy it because I had already invested in two coats from Topshop, they have a very similar one in stock at the moment, but it’s more expensive than last year. I will pop in and take a look at it when I am near a store. The thing I like about the AA cape is that it is 80% wool, I find that lots of the coats on the hight street are around the £100 mark and many of them contain little or no wool. We are in England, we need a bit of warmth in our coats and especially for those prices. 
This is the AA cape, I would like it in red or navy and am quite excited to go and try it on. I got a coat from H&M the other day, well priced and very pretty, quite a smart coat actually so I think that a cape would be a nice weekend choice. I think I am going  a bit deep with all this. 
You can see where the capes above are from over at my Fashiolista page. Have you seen any capes around town that you like ? Will you be sporting a cape this winter ?