Tips for freshers 2011 : Part 1

Tips for freshers 2011 with your CV in mind: 


Act like your first year counts: 
They say it doesn’t count, in most cases this is true..but act like it does count because in the long term it will look better and and if in your final year you can pick your own modules and there is too many people going for one topic then they will look at your attendance and grades to help in deciding who gets onto the module. It’s also good practice for the two years which will follow !


Use the library right from the start:
You are studying a course you are interested in right ? So use the library and do extra reading, on a spare lesson pop in and scan over a journal or a book. It really makes all the difference and you never know, when you come to writing an essay you may remember something you read in a book which isn’t on the reccomended reading list and you can go back, take quotes and it will be a little more unique than people who just stick to the usual reading list.

Read around your subject too because other subjects will link in to the one you are studying. For example, I studied Business and there is so much which you can link into it, if you have an interest in working in film then start reading about it or teach yourself software on the computer and learn to edit films. As I said, everything links and you might find yourself on the marketing team of the next big movie, setting up your own graphic design company or even being a photographer. Studying Business Studies does not mean you will end up working in finance.. ill say it again... everything links together and the more knowledge and interests you have then the more exciting paths you are going to go down !

Start to organise internships:
You also need work experience and internships, the day you leave with your degree you will see that entry level jobs want you to also have experience. Now, if you have two weeks interning for each year you are at university, that will be fantastic. You will stand out a mile when you send your application form off for those jobs you want. You may even figure out that you don’t want to do the job you originally planned. Having a part time job is good, very good actually but you need to go out of your way to ensure you gain industry experience. 
Think about doing things such as Camp America over the summer, arrange for a few weeks internship somewhere you are interested in, would love to work after university or think you would get good experience from. Do it now, start planning ahead. 
Do extra lessons:

If there is the chance to study in another country then seriously think about it, go and find out all the information and see if it would be right for you, even if you are scared it may help to bring you out of your shell. 

Opportunity to take extra classes to learn a language ? Then do it, I think it was £75.00 at my university to do a season of extra language lessons. That is the price of a dress from Topshop, a few nights out or a pair of new shoes.. do the language course ! Get the basics of a language you are interested in, it will encourage you to either continue it or confirm that it’s not right for you. Either way it’s fantastic experience to whack on your CVand maybe even study or work in another country after university. 

My university had a place where you could go and find out about volunteering opportunities.
Volunteering always looks good on your CV, is very rewarding and is good for networking with people and companies.

If sport is your thing then join a team, to have something on your CV that you can say you participated in each week or month is very good. It shows commitment and dedication. You could even join the university newspaper or radio station and if they don’t have one … well don’t sit on your bottom waiting for someone else to start it, you should get up and start one yourself.

Be Proactive !!


I hope that some of you find some useful words here and I hope even more that this gives some of you motivation and encouragement to make the most of your years at university. I have many more tips which I can share with you if anyone is interested, do let me know !

I am sorry if this bored some people, but you can actually apply these tips to all walks of life. If you are in a job you hate then book a holiday week and apply for internships for that week, it will look good on your cv to show you are making steps towards what you really want to do. Take an evening course in a language you want to study, your current employer may even support you with this if it could be of benefit to them. There is no harm in asking. You could even take an evening course or look at the Open University to see if studying at home is what you need to do to find a job within the industry you want.

You only live once so make it worth it and do what you want.

Please feel free to leave your own tips and I will feature them in another post.