A’kin Refreshing & Soothing Toner

Winner of best toner at the 2005 Australian Hair & Beauty Awards.

I can only use this once or twice a week, I think it’s more for an oily skin type than dry skin. It’s my fault for not noticing that it has witch hazel in. Witch hazel can be a little strong for my skin, but I can still use it every now and then and feel very refreshed once I have toned my face with it. As I am only using this A’kin toner once a week as a deep toner, I have been letting my sister make use of this, it’s perfect for her skin. She may do a little review on it which I will add into this post at a later date. 
It does not irritate my skin, I am just very careful with using products which I feel could maybe be a little too strong to use each day.
Price: £11.99 – I think this is a good price for a toner, especially on without bad chemicals in. I made a mistake picking it for myself as I don’t usually use witch hazel, but I enjoy using it once a week as it takes off all my make up and I really feel my skin is clean once I have used it.