Diary Decisions For 2012…

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Hello everyone ! What a lovely Sunday it is here in Southwold, the sun is shining and I could almost forget that it’s autumn. I have been doing some research into which diary I want to use during 2012. I have moved on from buying the academic style diary to a straight year diary. So I am already planning which one I shall be using when the new year arrives. I like to be able to get my diary a few months in advance of the new year starting, I like to try to be as organised as possible and if I have my diary ready and waiting for the new year to begin then I feel quite content.

I have narrowed down my decision of which diary to pick for 2012 to three. Two of these I have used before and one I have seen lovely reviews on. There are of course many others which I could have added into my list but then it will take me even longer to make that final decision. 

I have been using the Moleskine diary during 2011, a red one if you must know with a week on one page and then a side of notes. It has been keeping me very organised and I am still enjoying using it. If I was to go for a Moleskine for 2012 then I think I would get the page a day style in red or maybe stick with the week on a page, I really am not sure. It is hard to predict what I will be doing in 2012 as many different options and pathways are coming my way. I think that the page a day may be best, we shall see if the Moleskine makes it to the final two ! 
The Dodo-pad was a favourite of mine for a few years whilst at university, I really enjoyed using it and found it very colourful, full of fun illustrations and lots of room to write my notes. I actually have a few travel books stored away for future trips which are by Dodo, they do many kinds of note books, planners and calendars. They really have a good choice, just like Moleskine and I would very happily go back to using them for 2012. 
I have seen many good reviews on the very pretty Frankie diary, some of you have already got yourself one ready for 2012, I am a little slow on making an order for one because I haven’t seen it IRL and there is only one style. Yep, I just said IRL, I am clearly quite with it these days. As pretty as the Frankie diary is I think I may need more room to write and scribble, I am tempted to decide between the Moleskine and the Dodo diary. 
What do you think of these diaries?
Do you know what diary you will use in 2012? 
Do you use a diary or do you make do with your phone?

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