Free Graze box..

I decided to order a free Graze box the other week, I can’t remember where I got the free code from but you can now order a free Graze box via my code. You can head over to the Graze website and enter this code:



The photographs show you what my box contained, there was also information on how healthy each snack was and everything it contained. I enjoyed rating items on the Graze website, this ensures you wont get anything you don’t like or anything you are allergic to. I liked how the box was personalised and very friendly and of course the food was yummy ! I used my boxes by popping them into my bag when I was going for a walk and I only had one a day. They were very handy and although I do think you could make your own Graze box ( especially if like me your house is full of olives, nuts and other tasty treats) having a surprise arriving to your door and trying out new snacks is something which you can’t arrange as easily for yourself. I actually forgot to cancel my weekly order from them and another arrived on Friday, which actually is very useful as I am heading to London tomorrow so will be popping some of the boxes into my bag. I will do a post of my second Graze box soon because I have been really pleased with it.

Have you had a Graze box before ?