How do you make your coffee?

I love to have my coffee in a glass, I sometimes use a coffee machine but I also enjoy jar coffee. I really like to make my coffee in a glass, I enjoy seeing the milk mixing with the coffe and hot water to form that perfect silky drink I love. 
This is how I make my coffee !
1- I tip the coffee into each glass/cup .. I don’t use a spoon.. 
2- I then add some milk whilst waiting for the water to boil.. 
3-  I pour a small amount of boiled water into the milk and coffee mixture ( as you can see in the photo)
4- I leave it to settle for a bit while I dance around the kitchen to my iPod..
5- I finally add the rest of the hot water.. 
6- Curl up with a good book and enjoy. 

How do you make your coffee !?