Multitasking !
Multitasking the other night: I was playing on my Xbox, tweeting via my Mac, flicking through magazines now and then and taking Instagram photos on my iPhone… busy bee ! It was my one evening off during the week, I had lots to get done.

I told you I have lots and lots of interests didn’t I ? It’s not just fashion, photography and music that makes me smile. I love brands, advertising and marketing and hope to work within the industry one day, I play computer games (Xbox and Nintendo DS), I try to learn something new each day, I read books related to fashion, business, psychology and many more topics… and there is so much more I could write here but I think I would end up boring you.

I think if you ever find yourself “bored” then do something about it, there is so much to do in life that there is no time to be bored. Pick up a book, magazine or try to find out what else you could be interested in.. so many people say they don’t have hobbies and I find that really sad. Put some time to one side or when you feel bored or are knocking about on Facebook for too long and try to figure out what you may be interested in. I think we find out more about ourselves and about what we love at different stages of our lives, embrace change and try new things. At school you can hold back on what you enjoying doing because it can be seen as out of the norm. If you are in a situation where you don’t listen to music you like or don’t read books because it’s not cool then I say you change that right now. Be you because you will kick yourself in the future for not getting involved with what you love, getting onto developing your interesting and finding out about all the different crazy things this world has on offer to you.

So tell me, what are your favourite hobbies, what are your interests and what do you do in your free time?!

My Instagram username is: prettygreentea .. you could have guessed that right ?