My favourite Aussie products…

Today I wanted to show you four Aussie products I use most weeks, these are ones I have purchased a few times and also ones which my sister likes too. I haven’t had any irritation on my skin with any of these products !

Volume and Gloss: I love love this product, I think it’s one of my favourite Aussie products. I use this when I want my hair straight and also when I am wearing it curly. If my hair is straight I will spray a very small amount over my hair to keep it in place and add a little shine. I also spray it into the roots under my hair to help lift it. What I like about the Aussie Volume spray is that it is light and not sticky at all. When I want to curly or add waves to my hair last minute before leaving the house I put my hair in a bun or top knot and spray this all over it. I usually have a quick cup of tea and then take the bobble out and I have loose waves and sometimes curls in the bottom half of my hair and that is my favourite and most easy way of styling my hair.

3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment: I use this every few weeks, I feel like it really gives my hair a good clean and removes every bit of product from it. I leave it on for a few hours before washing it out, ir really is worth trying out because I found it helped my become less dry which I am very pleased about.

Volume and Conditioning Mousse: I scrunch this into my roots and usually the rest of my hair after a shower.I use this when I want really big curls and lots of volume, I usually spray it with a strong hold spray once dry to make sure the curls stay in place. I like to part dry my hair and let it dry part naturally when using this mousse or any mousse actually. The Aussie mousse does a fab job of making the waves in my hair more curly but I can’t say it is any better than other similar priced products I have used. So I am using this one at the moment and if it’s on special offer I am sure I will stock up on it again.

Texturising and Conditioning Gel spray: This has been fab to use through the summer months, I am unsure I will be using it as much when winter full kicks in but that is because I like to go for a different look with my hair during winter. I think I have purchased about two bottles over the summer (since Feb maybe) but that is because my sister uses it too, if it’s just you using it then I would say that it will last you a good 5 months. I use this gel spray as soon as I jump out the shower I spray it into the ends of my hair and then scrunch. I let my hair dry naturally when I use this though I sometimes dry the very top of my hair where I haven’t put the product it. It gives my hair a nice curl/wave to it depending on how much I use and how much I scrunch.

Who is going to the Aussie-versary party at the weekend ? I hope you all have fun, I wont be able to make it 🙁 !!