Walking on a Wednesday…

I went for a really long walk today, I was feeling a little unmotivated and thought that I would dash out and walk to the harbour before it rained. My walk ended up being longer than I had originally planned, I went through the town, to the beach then down to the harbour and then back through the country road till I got home. It was a lovely walk and it dragged all the negative energy out of me. Once I got home I crashed out and got onto the usual routine of work and searching for jobs. It started to rain soon after I got back and I soon realised that the weather has changed for good ( though it had been warm in the morning ) and autumn is here and ready to quickly swing into winter. I don’t mind the cold weather, I like to put on layers and it’s a good excuse to make use of my collection of hats. Though I am down with the cold weather I am not cool with the rain. 
I dislike wet socks, I really can’t stand it and unless I am fully prepared in my Hunter wellies then it’s sure I will get wet. Converse don’t keep out the rain and nor do many of my boots. I have moved my wellies to the front of the shoe cupboard so they are easy to grab if I feel I need to go for a walk or nip to the shops. I am going to try to figure out my best shoes for walking in the rain other than wellies, it’s a shame  I wont just buy a pair of walking shoes because I am sure they would do the job… they just wouldn’t go with my dresses. 
Tonight all I want to do is sit by the fire with a cup of tea and read.