Acorelle Fragrance : Tea Garden Review

Acorelle as I am sure you can guess is a french brand, they created one of the worlds first certified organic fragrances.  You can also buy a set to sample all the different scents within the range, I think this is very handy and I actually reviewed it back in April.

 Tea Garden is a lighter spray than the Eau De Parfum, I spray a little on in the morning and once again during lunch and I find that suits me well. Sometimes I feel I need to apply it more often, it depends if I am in a lazy mood or not. My skin does not get irritated by it at all, I sometimes find that some perfumes can make my skin itchy or even cause small heat lumps, but this one is fine for me to spray directly onto my skin.

It is a lovely refreshing smell and one which I think of as gin and tonic in a bottle. I did hear someone else say this about another perfume before, but as soon as I started using Tea Garden I knew that gin and tonic was the perfect way to describe it. I am sure that will put some of you off instantly but if you are not keen on floral scents then this will be perfect for you. I actually like a floral scent but only in summer, Tea Garden is fresh and zingy for frosty winter mornings and I am sure it would work well in summer especially when on holiday by the sea (now I am day dreaming of sunshine). Leaving the house with a shot of Tea Garden has been doing me good on these crispy cold mornings. 
Price: £19.99 for 30ml from MyPure : I think this is a fantastic price for the quantity you get, it’s not too expensive and fits nicely in your bag. I was actually expecting a smaller bottle so was very surprised and pleased with the size of it.


I can really feel the lemon and mint coming through when I use this, it’s a little sharp but that’s why I like it. I like to keep my daily perfumes quite subtle and refreshing, I also like some of the Jo Malone perfumes, I use the Grapefruit one which I find compliments Tea Garden nicely when layered. That’s the beauty of using something a little less strong, you can layer it up with other scents to create your own unique fragrance. 
The following are what is in Tea Garden: 

Top notes : lemon, lavender, bergamot, mint

Middle notes : iris, violet, cumin

Base notes : patchouli, gaiac wood

In this last photo you can hopefully see the size of the perfume, I like that it fits easily in my bag and alongside all my other daily products. You can see my iPod, Dr Organic Manuka lip balm, Uniball pen, Acorelle Tea Garden, coin purse (from my lovely friend vicky), ASDA hand cream, Inka powder, Bourjois blush and Hemp hand cream in the photo. My lipstick, card purse, Sharpie, blusher brush and camera were already waiting in my bag, just in case you were worried.