Craig Easton : Photography

 I fill my notebooks with names of photographers, directors, writers, books and pretty much anything i stumble across in magazines,books, on the radio or on the television. I then look back through my notebooks when I need inspiration and google some of the names of creative and amazing people and I am met with wonderful things. This is something I did this evening, I have so much to get done and haven’t even nearly finished but I needed a quick kick of motivation so I grabbed a green tea and flicked through the pages of my notebook and found Craig Easton in the photography section. 
I spent some time this evening enjoying his fantastic photography work over at his website. I have also added some of my favourite photograph’s of Easton’s to this post. I hope he wont mind that I have shared some of his work here, I thought you would all really enjoy these photographs and maybe it will make you want to take a look around his website. I can tell you that there is many more magical images and it took me quite some time to narrow down my favourites. I find his work very inspirational and could only dream of one day watching him work. 
Paddy, Retired Docker, from the series ‘Liverpool – Portrait of a City’: City of Culture 2008

What do you think of Craig Easton’s photography !?
Who is your favourite photographer ?