How do you wear your Converse ?

Those of you who have been knocking about on my blog for a while will know that I love Converse. I find them really comfy and they go with almost everything. I do find that I wear them a little too often but sometimes there is nothing better when you are going for a long walk to slip into your favourite pair of Converse and know they will keep your feet comfy (unless it’s raining) and go nicely with your dress.

I usually go for the low or high top thick sole styles, I have quite a few pairs and really think they are worth the money. I had a trusty pair of white ones which I got near the start of university, the lasted me untill a few months back (when they were no long white) when I had to get rid of them because they looked very tatty and not even suitable for long walks through the mud. I will most likely get myself another white pair after Christmas. I was thinking of buying some before but as the rain has started to fall here in the UK I don’t think it would be so wise. I have got my eyes on a few pairs which I think may be ok to buy before Christmas (during winter) as they look very cosy and maybe even waterproof. One pair looks like it may shield the water from your socks anyway, the other two…maybe less so.

I am not really a fan of the thin sole style, they just don’t look like they would last very long and they don’t look too comfy to me. I am tempted by some of the new (new to me anyway) styles and colours they have at the moment.

I hadn’t seen the colour of the All Star Seasonal HI Kaki before, but I really like them because they make me think of Prettygreentea. I think these ones are more likely to be better in the summer and would look fab with a pretty dress. I think wearing Converse with a pretty dress is my thing, too often maybe.

I spotted these All Star European Leather HI Tan Converse, these ones look really cosy and maybe even waterproof… who knows ?! I would sure like to find out, they look perfect for winter and I really like the colour of them, I would at least be able to get away with wearing black tights with them or maybe a light burgundy pair. I wish I had a pair of burgundy tights to link you too but I am yet to find some I really like. I will be keeping my eye out for some though and will make sure I let you know if I find any.
 I also really like the look of the Converse Star Player Suede Shearling, they look very warm and cosy. If I get these I would pull on a pair of warm grey tights like these ones from Fat Face (I am actually thinking of getting for my Austria trip) and find a pretty red dress to go with them. I think they look like a really nice shade of brown and the fur lining is sure to be warm and cosy. I doubt they would be very good in the rain but maybe I am wrong.  
Do you wear Converse ?
Do you find you maybe where them too often like I do ?