I bet you don’t care what’s in my bag….

Every morning as I am dashing around the house getting ready I chuck things onto my bed that are then going to be falling into my bag as I run out of the front door. This is what was in my bag the other day, not very exciting but it’s an actual representation of what goes in. I usually pick my bag last minute and it tends to be the same one for a week or so and then I will change it, it just depends on my mood and my plan. I usually need a bag which will accomodate my camera but if it’s a rare occasion where I won’t have it with me then I will use a smaller bag…true story. 
You can seen form the photo that I have; my favourite Akin cream which has now almost run out, my Living Nature lip balm, purple bobble (well done to those who can spot it), Sharpie (always carry a Sharpie….always), iPhone, purse and my favourite lipstick by Rimmel 180 Vintage Pink. I think I will be buying another Vintage Pink Rimmel lipstick towards the end of the month, I should really do a blog post on it it’s a lovely rusty pink matt shade..maybe I will. I don’t think I will be buying the Akin cream again, only because I have seen a huge tube of Hemp cream knocking about the house (belonging to my mum) so I may try and steal that for a while. 
I am going to try and take a photo of the stuff I chuck into my bag more often but I think I may just post it on Twitter or Instagram. I may post one of these contents of my bag posts once a month on my blog, but it’s likely that those ones will be a little more planned than this one and the ones I plan to share on Twitter. It’s nice to take some time to do a lovely What’s In My Bag post and make a point of laying it all out in a perfect way, even though many people don’t give a damn, it’s still fun to do.