My second Graze box..

Hello everyone ! I just got home from the London bloggers meet up, I will be telling you about it tomorrow, I am very cold right now as I got an earlier train home and forgot I would have to wait a very long time (in the cold) for my connection train. I am back home now so I shall enjoy my cup of tea and warm up before a little nap.

Emma and Laura did an awesome job of arranging and hosting the day, I want to give you so much information right now but I am just too sleepy. Thanks to everyone, the sponsors, the hosts and each and every lovely blogger I met. I had a wondrous day and am very glad I went and met some amazing, talented and very kind people. 

I hope you all had a lovely Saturday ! 


My second Graze box 

After my first (free) Graze box arrived I knew that I should log onto the website and cancel my next order from coming. Not because I didn’t enjoy the Graze experience (I really love the concept of Graze) but because I don’t really have a ‘proper job‘, I can’t justify indulging in lovely box of yummy goodies right now. 

I didn’t cancel the Graze box ….and whoops…. my second Graze box arrived through my door. I was very happy (and so was my mum) with it especially as it contained olives, I really love olives so this box was bound to be a winner. As I ate the olives I went onto the website and cancelled it, despite how pleased I was for a second time with Graze.
The Graze box is designed to perfection, the box is beautiful and makes me smile, the Graze box is just a pleasure to open and find out what’s hiding inside for you. I really like that the compartments are individually sealed so you can pop one in your bag when you go to work or for after the gym. It’s nice to be able to Graze over the box for a few days and not have to use it all in one day.

I like that they keep it personal “Hi Daisy” and they take into account the things you ‘bin’ and ‘love’ on their website. It means that you wont get things you don’t like and it also gives you the chance to try new yummy treats. 
It is very useful to have all the nutritional information about each compartment, it means you can keep an eye on the things you eat and also gives you the sell by dates. Most things last a good few weeks except for things like olives and bread which are better to eat within the first few days of your box arriving. 
A pointy stick to stab olives and consume them quickly…ideal ! I ate these almost immediately along with the yummy bread. I saved everything else to pop into my bag on random walks or when I go out on adventures with my camera (I didn’t share them with my camera…obviously).

Feel free to use my code to get a free Graze Box : 5PG8K82D !