Rocket Dog boots..

During college I got myself a pair of Rocket Dog boots in the sale, that was about 5 years (that’s scary) back and I have had a pair ever since. Some pairs have lasted two years and some only one year, but I wear them all through the winter so I get good use out of them. I am yet to buy some this year, my last pair which you can see in the photograph below were worn to death last year. Rocket Dog boots are fantastic, they are comfy, cosy and sturdy. It’s nice to be able to keep your legs warm during the winter, having cold legs on my walk today made me realise that I need to decide which colour of boots to get this year.
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This photograph is from last year, I am wearing my over sized Zara coat, my fab Rocket Dog boots, my Oxfam scarf, White Stuff skirt and Kipling bag. I find Rocket Dog boots work best with pretty skirts and dresses but not so well with trousers unless they are skinny jeans.
I have never been a fan of UGG boots, the more expensive style with the soles that actually do their job are fine, but the ones which are around £100 have an awful sole and as I am sure you all have seen that girls end up walking around town with their feet falling off the soles of their UGG boots. I hope I don’t offend anyone with my opinion on the UGG boot, they just don’t work for me.
What do you think of Rocket Dog boots ?