Cold Buster Smoothie ..

I don’t do being ill at all, but sometimes you have to make sure you take some time to rest and hide away from the cold. The other thing i make sure I do when Im not feeing well is to eat lots of fruit, it’s really the best thing for you. 
This morning when I dragged myself out of bed at about 8:00 ( I couldn’t sleep because of a headache ) I decided I would make a smoothie. I put a handful of spinach, one whole clementine ( skin included ), a big handful of blueberries and one banana. 
As I am trying to cut down on milk I mixed it all together with fresh orange juice, but you could use milk or even soya if you wish. 
I know it doesn’t look very pretty but it tasted good, I don’t mind if my smoothies are a little bitter but you can always add more banana or more berries to make it sweeter. I really enjoyed my smoothie and have a little left for tomorrow morning. 
Two key ingredients for a cold buster smoothie:
1 – Ginger This gives your smoothie a good kick.
2- Manuka Honey – It’s really good for your immune system and all you need to add is one small teaspoon and your smoothie is ready to serve.

3 – Orange – It’s all about vitamin C kids. 

What do you like to put in a smoothie ?!