What I Wore: A Blur of Colour

Skirt : Topshop, Tshirt: Asda, Cardigan: Topshop, Scarf: Paris, Necklace: Dorothy Perkins Hat: UO, Tights : Christmas gift and the packaging is in the bin now, sorry.

Some of you may see this as nothing but a blur of colour, out of focus photo gone wrongt. I see it as how I feel, I always say I want to include more colour into my outfits and I am going to make sure I document my colourful outfits more often. I want my outfits to be a blur of colour, as I dash past someone in the street I want them to feel the warmth from the bright shades I am wearing. I want to leave a colour trail behind me like in a long exposure photograph of lights. I think wearing bright colours can not only make yourself feel more happy it can also make someone else smile. I will always love my navy and red colour combination but I am going to make sure I experiment and embrace different colours into my outfits. Even if that means a brighter shade of red or a deeper shade of navy, bringing in new colours can really spice up your outfits. 
Do you wear colourful clothes ?