What I Wore: Hats and Mustard Yellow

I spent ages deciding which hat to wear this morning, I wanted to wear a floppy hat but it wouldn’t have been right. I decided to go with my usual UO bowler hat. I did have a little issue with my hat nearly being taken away by the wind today and yesterday but I made sure I held on tight.
I was wearing my New Look mustard shirt with a red and white polka dot neck scarf, I can’t remember where this was from however.
I wanted to show you a close up of my neck scarf, I think that a neck scarf looks fantastic under a shirt collar. If you do up your shirt to the top you can make really good use of the collar and always have something new to add to a shirt.
– I like to wear a neck scarf under the collar, I have lots of scarves and there are many ways to tie them so it means that I can give my outfit a new twist depending on the scarf I add.
– I also like to add a badge or pin to the collar tip of a shirt, I showed you this here. It adds a subtle change to the shirt and can turn a plain collar into the main statement of your outfit.IMG_9788A sneaky blurry photo just because I like them.


My Day 

I went out in the morning to a local town, there wasn’t very much there so we picked up some bits for lunch and headed home to make some fresh hummus. After lunch and a spot of cleaning the house I went to the beach for a walk with my family. It wasn’t very cold but all the colours were saturated which made it look very interesting.


Coat and bag : Topshop
Rocket Dog boots: Spartoo shoes
Hat: Urban Outfitters 
Scarf: Burberry
Tights: Christmas gift
Skirt: Gap

I am not used to posing for these outfit photos yet, I know I look slightly awkward but I intend to improve on this. I am going to invest in a new tripod tomorrow, my last one is in Manchester and slightly broken. I hope that having a new tripod will give me the motivation to jump infront of the camera more and stop hiding behind it.