Always buy a hat in the sale..

I buy most of my hats in the sale and usually stock up on them during January. You will find that most hats go into the sale around this time of the year. In England we can usually chuck on a good old bowler hat during the summer as well as autumn, so if you are someone who wears hats you will get lots of use out of them.

I have been browsing the ASOS website to find some hats to add to my collection ( from the sale only ). I have put together a collection of six fantastic hats which I think are worth adding to your collection. I have chosen to share items from ASOS for a second time this month because I love the variety of prices you find as well as the wide range of styles. ASOS really is a one stop shop for everything you need to stock your wardrobe.


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Just click on the numbers to take you to where the hat lives. I am really hoping to invest in a few of these this week, I wear hats all through the winter so I never feel as though I am wasting money on them.

Which is your favourite ?