Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic

This came in a fantastic Lush bag of treats when I went to the London blogger meet up. It is such a pretty thing and smells lovely, the best surprise was seeing 100’s of tiny stars floating to the top of the bath once the bomb had fizzled away. The shots of pink and orange really made the bath look very pretty and complemented the now blue water.
I didn’t use this bath bomb myself as I am very cautious about using them. I heard someone running a bath in my house (which is rare as we all like showers best) and it was the one in my parents room. I presumed it would be my mum so as the water was running I dashed upstairs and decided to take some photos and see what happened when the bath ballistic was put into the water. As I was taking photos my mum came in to see why on earth I was taking photos of the bath, she also told me it was my dad who would be using it. Whoops ! We dashed off and when I saw him later in the day he said he had to have a shower to wash off all the glitter, gold and stars, he did say that he thought it smelt very nice though!