Munio Candela : Review

I start using candles around the run up to Christmas, I like to use them to make my house smell festive and usually use the Yankee – Christmas Eve scent or a cheaper version of it. If I am given some for Christmas I will continue using them till they run out but don’t usually head out and buy any myself. I did buy them whilst I was at university because you really have to make an effort to make your room beautiful which is had when you are in halls.

I spotted the new Munio Candela range of candles over at Mypure at the start of this month knew I had to try them. I know that cheap candles can be made with chemicals that really shouldn’t be breathed in by the human body, so I thought I should try out a good make and especially as Munio Candela candles are all natural I knew I was heading in the right direction. I always go straight for anything which contains cinnamon so I decided that this would have to be the first one in the collection I tested. I would like to try the clove scent next time or maybe I will go for something new like the Marigold Flowers.

I was very glad I went for my usual cinnamon scent because it has really done a fantastic job, as soon as I opened the candle and took it out of the box it filled the lounge with a beautiful smell. I didn’t light it till a few days later and even whilst it was sitting on the side everyone noticed the lovely smell it was giving off. I have been burning it for a few nights now and have had the full chance to take in how lovely the scent is. It isn’t overpowering but you are very aware of the smell in the room, it’s a pleasure to be sitting amongst such a wonderful cinnamon smell whilst working on my laptop.

The Munio candles are totally natural and last for 50% longer than other candles their size. I really like that you can see the cinnamon sticks around the candle, it makes you aware that the candle is made very naturally and also makes it look very pretty.

I normally find it hard to spend money on candles, I think they make lovely presents for others and would be very happy to receive a special candle like this as a gift. However, I would buy the Munio Candela candle for myself because I now know how lovely they are. It isn’t something I would be paying out for every month but maybe every other month. I have a feeling this candle will be lasting me much longer than a month, I haven’t had to keep this candle lit all evening because the smell lasts very well throughout the evening. I will keep you updated with how long this Munio Candela candle lasts me and will share photos on my Facebook page.

The candle I picked was 220ml and has a total burning time of 15 hours, I think that’s quite good for £11.00. I don’t think I would spend more than maybe £15.00 on a (large) candle and even then that would be a push. I don’t think I am at a stage in my life where I am earning enough to buy such luxury candles, I think that £11.00 is a nice price to pay for a good quality, natural and long lasting candle.

A candle really makes your home feel cosy, it’s easy to forget this sometimes and I only tend to remember around Christmas time. I want to make more of an effort to use candles this year, I think they can give off a relaxing feeling and help to keep you calm if your mind has been busy at work all day. 

I think that the Munio Candela candle range would make a fantastic gift or be a nice way to treat yourself once in a while.

Do you buy candles often ? 

How much would you usually spend on a candle ?