Dry Skin Care Essentials – Part 1

I mentioned in this post that my skin has been really bad because of the heating at home. It’s not 100% better but it’s pretty much there and only seems to get dry again when I come in to a very warm room from the icy cold weather outside. I have taken a photography above of the products I have been using over the past month or so which have helped to get moisture back into my skin. I have used some of these products many times before and others are fairly new to me. I now wouldn’t be without any of these life savers in my home.

My first all time favourite face cream is by Clarins, I have used this on and off (when I can afford or my mum stocks up for me at Christmas time) for the past 5 years if not a little longer. HydraQuench Rich Cream is for very dry skin and to help normal skin in very cold climates. I have very dry skin and tend to use this most of the year round. It is a very thick cream which is why it’s so good in cold weather, it helps to fill your face with moisture and keep it locked in all day. I have been using HydraQuench twice a day over the past few weeks because my second cream (below) ran out.

Price: £33.00

I know that this Clarins cream is expensive but because I know it is very good for my skin I am more than happy to pay for it. Don’t worry though, if you have very dry skin and can’t afford to spend this much on a face cream then my next favourite product will be perfect for you. 

Barefoot SOS face and body c/o Mypure cream was my second favourite product during winter nad especially over the past month or so whilst my skin has been rather bad. I did a review of the Barefoot SOS cream here, head over to my other blog post for more information. You can use this as a face and body cream but I mainly used it on my face and hands. It has lasted a good few months and is on my to -buy list when I am next paid. 
Price: £10.50 
This face cream is more reasonably priced and does a really good job at keeping your face fully moisturised. I started to use Barefoot SOS as a night cream and kept my Clarins HydraQuench as a morning cream as I found that this routine suited my skin. You may question why I continue to buy the Clarins cream if I have found something which is very good and only £10.50  ! Well, I think that the Clarins cream is a little thicker ( if that’s even possible ) and lasts a little longer than Barefoot SOS. I also always tell you how I like to use a variety of products at a time so my skin doesn’t get too used to one product, the same goes for face creams. 
It is very rare that I use a face mask, I have to be veery careful with which I use because my skin can get irritated very easily. I am very happy with tall the Living Nature products I have used and am always keen to try more of them especially because many of them contain manuka honey. Manuka honey is good at healing skin so I knew that this product was bound to help my poor face this past month. This Hydrating Gel mask c/o Living Nature has been really beneficial for my skin whilst the cold weather has been about. I use this once a week on a Sunday and have handed it over to my mum to try whilst I am away this week.

You put this mask on for 20 minutes before washing it off gently with warm water. I usually put it on before I have a shower and wash it off before I do my hair. This Hydrating Gel is very thin and glides onto your face smoothly, it doesn’t go hard like some masks do but you are still aware it’s on your face. I have had no irritation to this product at all.

Price: £22.45

The price of this is quite high, but it’s something you only need to buy once a year, I think this will last between 6 – 12 months. I am not sure exactly as I have only had it for around two months, I have used it each week and the bottle still looks full.

I have had this Simple Revitalising Eye Roll-on for about four months, if not a little longer. It still seems like there is lots of the product left in the tube so I am really pleased with how long this has lasted. I have used this on and off during the time I have had it and have never had any irritation to my skin from it. When my skin reacts to the heat in the house it makes my face really drained and I get very dark circles (worse than normal) under my eyes. I started to use this in the morning after my face creams to help my eyes feel more awake. This eye roll-on really does a good job of making your eyes feel away and fresh in the morning, the roll-on ball is very cold and really gives the skin around your eyes a kick to wake up.

This doesn’t hide any circles under your eyes because that’s not it’s job. It does however help to get the blood in your face moving because of how cold the ball is which helps to soften the bags and circles around your eyes.

Price: £4.99

I think this is a fab price for a product which does exactly what it says it will do. There are many other products on the market which are more expensive than this but I personally think that they are all very similar. If you have used one which you think is good then let me know, I am always open to try new products.

I have always used a moisturising eye cream for a very long time now. I am still on the hunt for the perfect one but this Botanics Organic Eye Cream has been doing a very good job. I have to use it a few times during the evening even though it’s fairly thick, but not thick enough for very dry skin. I am not sure if I will buy this one again because I want to continue my hunt for the perfect eye cream but that doesn’t mean this one is bad. The reason I need such a thick eye cream is because the skin around my eyes is super sensitive especially with the heating on ( stop banging on about it Daisy ! ) and can become very flakey .. this is not a good look. Even though I have been using this several times a day the tube still has plenty in. I think if you have normal/dry skin you would find this useful but unless you are happy to apply it serval times a day this one may not be for the very dry skin kids.

Price: No idea – I spent ages trying to find the price and a link to the products but had no luck. I will try to pop into Boots tomorrow and find out. I do know that I got this in a 3 for 2 offer though, that’s my favourite way of shopping in Boots. 


This post has become very long, I still have three more of my favourite products to share with you but I will be doing that tomorrow. I am sorry if this post hasn’t interested some of you but I hope that it will help those of you with very dry and sensitive skin.

Let me know what your favourite products are !