Reader Question: How many pairs of Converse do you have ?

Good morning everyone!
The coolest kid in town Isquisofrenia asked me how many pairs of chucks I have. Before I answer her question I want to tell you that she has a really fab blog you must check out. She has fantastic taste in music and pulls together the most badass outfits. This girl is rock and roll so go check out her blog!

I only have three pairs of Converse which is soon to be four with the arrival of a pair of bright yellow Converse at home (can’t wait to get back to try them on). I did have two other pairs but they have been chucked out because they just became too old and had been through too many festivals to be suitable to use in everyday life.

converse back

I am going to make a huge effort to embrace other kinds of shoes at the weekend, I obviously wear different shoes to work but I want to try and wear a heel at the weekend. I think I have just told a lie. I have some bright yellow Converse waiting to be worn in…!

As I am typing this I am on Spartoo looking at their Batman Converse and searching the internet for Vans Era 59 White and Tartan – If any of you know where I can find the Era 59s then please do tell me. I have found them in all kinds of colours but everywhere is sold out of the white and tartan. Office usually have a good selection of Vans but I had no luck this evening. I think they came out in 2010 so I know I am pushing it a bit. Also, I know I shouldn’t be asking you guys all the questions but where can I find a direct contact for Vans UK? I didn’t have any luck on the website.

converse back 2

Maybe I will have to share my ever growing collection of Vans with you soon.