What I Wore : Pastel Blue in the Snow..

Hello everyone, the weekend is here and it’s time to do the things you love. I am going to have a mini shopping trip tomorrow, read books, magazine and play Xbox games. I also need to organise my diary (both of them) and if the snow melts a little more maybe I can go running. 
Is there still snow where you are ? 
I decided I was going to make the most of the snow today. I also wanted to incorporate pastel shades into my outfit today so I would stand out in the snow. I found a pair of baby blue tights the other evening and I knew that they would go perfectly with my bright pink dress. There was no question about what shoes I would be wearing with this outfit, it had to be my Rocket Dog boots because it’s still very icy and snowy where I am. Actually, I could have worn my Hunters but because my mum had already put those on I decided my Rocket Dogs would be second best and a little warmer too. 
Have any of you seen any other boots which would be good in the cold weather ? I am looking for an extra pair of boots at the moment. I am tempted to go for another pair of Rocket Dogs but at the same time I wouldn’t mind something which was a little less chunky. 
The hat I am wearing used to be a hood, I have had it ever since I was at high school but the coat it was part of has long gone. When I was in high school it was all about Hooch and Bench coats, I had a nice selection of them as did everyone else in the school. I quickly moved on from dressing just like the other girls in my school when I moved on to my college years. The Hooch coat went to the charity shop but I just couldn’t part with the hood (it was the reason I got the coat anyway).

The hood is delightfully warm and functions perfectly as hat so I am very glad I have kept hold of it for such a long time. I only bring it out when it’s snowing but it’s fun and one of those items you can keep in the dressing up box section of your wardrobe as it’s not an item you would wear every day. 

My blue and orange scarf is from Gap, I got it many years ago whilst I was in college. It may be small but it really is very warm. I have always had a soft spot for bright colours and this outfit does very well at standing out against the soft white snow. 
Coat and dress: Topshop, Tights: Dorothy Perkins, Scarf: Gap, Shoes: Rocket Dog, hood: Hooch (years ago).
I was wearing my Minty Fresh  by No7 nail varnish with NYC – Light Camera Glitter over it. You can see more of my love for pastel nail varnish here.